December 2020

Welcome to the official Beachwave Park site. Here you can find all the latest information about the various programs and recreational activities available to the residents and surrounding communities along with the many visitors to Alberta Beach.

COVID-19 UPDATE – January 7, 2021

     The village of Alberta Beach has been working hard to make the outdoor ice rink located at Beachwave Park available to all residents for their enjoyment. In compliance with the updated COVID-19 provincial public health measures announced on December 8, 2020 certain restrictions are in place to ensure a safe environment for everyone which will remain in effect till at least January 21, 2021.


  1. No hockey, shinny or any other activity that brings individuals within close contact with each other
  2. Individuals must remain at least two metres or 6 feet from each other.
  3. Maximum number of people allowed on the ice is limited to 10, if others are waiting to use ice consider limiting your visit to 60 minutes.
  4. The indoor skate changing area is closed, come dressed and ready to lace up.
  5. Stay home if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

          Failure to follow these rules will result in induvial(s) being asked to leave, refusal to leave and you may be fined. If there are repeated failures to follow the rules the rink may be closed. If you notice individuals not complying with the provincial public health measures you can notify Alberta Health Services by phone at 1-833-415-9179 or ONLINE. You may also contact the Alberta Beach Peace Officer by phone at 780-924-3434 or by E-Mail.

          Beachwave Park would like to wish everyone happy holidays during this difficult time and hope you stay healthy & safe out there.