Recreation Facilities

At Beachwave Park we offer a full featured facility allowing for the following activities, we also offer equipment sign-outs at no charge to do many of these activities for those interested.

Baseball Diamonds – There are two baseball diamonds available and are currently getting used for both adult and youth baseball sporting events as well as those looking to have a little fun just throwing the ball around.

Child Playground – There is a nicely equipped playground with a small pebble base suitable for children to play in safety, along with plenty of seating for parents to take a load off.

Skating Rink – There is a skating rink available for use during the winter months for skating and ice hockey and inline hockey during the warmer months. It is also used for roller skating and bicycling.

Skateboard Park – Check out the skateboard park offering two quarter pipes, two smaller ramps and more. This park is also heavily used by bicyclers and scooters so come and try it out.

Basketball Court – There is small basketball court located here great for shooting some hoops solo but there is enough room for some three vs three action as well. New for 2018 Beachwave Park has added 4 new basketball areas accessible from within the arena.