Seasonal Rink Program

     During the winter months the outdoor arena at Beachwave Park is converted for use as an outdoor ice rink and typically begins operations in December and ending in February depending on weather conditions. During this period best efforts are given to keep the rink in usable condition throughout the season, however under certain circumstances there can be a delay before it is in usable condition again. 

     The rink employs a fair use system in attempt to balance both the needs of those wishing to play hockey and regular skaters who want to skate in a safe environment. On most days of the week this system is in place with the exception days when scheduled events are taking place such as the Youth Skating Lessons and Sno-Mo Days. During regular days the full ice surface can be used for either hockey or regular skating assuming there is only one type of skating taking place. In the event there is both hockey and regular skaters the ice will be divided to allow both to enjoy the rink.

Divided Rink Configuration – Park Hut Side

     Beachwave Park follows the county recommendations when it comes to safe operating temperatures and may close when temperatures exceed +5C or below -20C (-23C Windchill). There may be other issues that will result in the rink being closed such as special maintenance in which case a notice will be posted on the main page. 

Beachwave Park Winter Hut Hours
Monday – Friday   3:00PM to 8:00PM
Saturday – Sunday   1:00PM to 8:00PM

Note: These are the hours the hut is open during regular days, during special events and holidays hours are subject to change.